Cape Town, known for its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture, offers a plethora of romantic experiences for couples to enjoy.

Cape Town Romance with the Cape Town Big 6 

With any of the Cape Town Big 6 attractions as its backdrop, celebrating Valentine’s Day becomes an unforgettable experience. Here are some ideas to celebrate love at each Cape Town Big 6 attraction.

  1. Cape Point

Picture you and your significant other standing on the southeast corner of the Cape Peninsula, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Cape Point. Take a leisurely hike along the trails of Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve and revel in the awe-inspiring views. You can indulge in a delightful picnic in the park or enjoy a romantic lunch at the Two Oceans Restaurant, which boasts a stunning ocean view. Remember to capture the moments with cute selfies against the scenic backdrops of Cape Point.

  1. Table Mountain Cableway

Valentine’s Day at Table Mountain Cableway offers you and your partner a romantic and unforgettable experience. Begin your day by taking a scenic cable car ride to the top of Table Mountain, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the city and coastline. Take along your favourite treats for a picnic and find a cosy spot to share a meal while taking in the breathtaking scenery.

  1. Groot Constantia

Wine and romance go hand in hand, and Groot Constantia offers the perfect setting for both. Explore the lush vineyards and indulge in a wine-tasting experience with your loved one. Pack a romantic picnic basket filled with gourmet treats and find a secluded spot on the estate’s beautiful grounds. As you sip on exquisite wines and nibble on delectable snacks, let the ambience of Groot Constantia ignite the passion between you.

Cape Town Big 6 Groot Constantia

  1. Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Stroll hand in hand through the enchanting Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, soaking in the serenity of nature. Discover hidden corners and secluded spots perfect for stolen kisses or quiet moments of togetherness. Pack a blanket and spend a lazy afternoon on the lawns, enjoying a picnic surrounded by vibrant flowers and the harmonious sounds of birds. Don’t forget to catch one of their delightful Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts for an evening of romantic entertainment.

  1. V&A Waterfront

The V&A Waterfront is a romantic haven for couples with its picturesque harbour views and vibrant atmosphere. Take a sunset cruise along the Atlantic seaboard, experiencing the beauty of Cape Town from the water. Enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the waterfront’s renowned restaurants, followed by a moonlit stroll along the harbour. End the evening with a couple’s ride on the Wheel, admiring the city’s sparkling lights from above.

  1. Robben Island Museum

Discover the significant historical heritage of South Africa while experiencing an intimate moment on the Robben Island Museum. Take a ferry ride together, observing Cape Town’s striking skyline from the water. Embark on a guided tour led by former political prisoners and gain insight into South Africa’s journey to democracy. Between the historical significance, find solace in each other’s company and appreciate the strength and resilience portrayed by those who fought for freedom.

Whether celebrating Valentine’s Day or simply indulging in a romantic getaway, these iconic destinations offer magical moments that will be cherished forever. So, plan your visit to Cape Point, Table Mountain Cableway, Groot Constantia, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, V&A Waterfront, and Robben Island Museum, and let Cape Town’s beauty ignite the flame of love in your hearts.

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There is no one way to explore all of the Cape Town Big 6, and much of what makes each of them so special is the variety of things to see and do at each. So if possible, take your time to explore each of the city’s most visited tourist attractions in as much depth as possible – as any local will tell you, you can spend a lifetime at each of the Big 6 and still not tire of them. Find the 3 and 4 day itineraries and tips here.

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