Like many cities around the world, Cape Town has some safety and security concerns. Any potentially unsafe situations can be easily avoided – make sure you deal with reputable tour companies, that you know exactly where you’re heading (with the aid of a GPS if you’re new in town), and avoid the unnecessary display of valuable goods. If renting a vehicle, make sure you leave nothing visible to passers-by. Remain vigilant and assertive when walking around the Cape Town city streets.

When dealing with cash withdrawals and exchanges, make sure you do these at reputable, well-lit locations – there are many throughout the city, including a number at the V&A Waterfront and Cape Town International Airport. Most establishments now accept major credit cards for payments, including all Big 6 destinations, and this is the safest and most convenient way to make purchases and experience the best attractions in Cape Town.

Should you require emergency assistance, the following services are available:

  • Metro Rescue Services: (021) 937 0300
  • Cape Town Emergency Services: (021) 480 7700
  • South African Police: 10111