There is no doubt that Robben Island is a very special place, it is a powerful symbol for the triumph of the human spirit, and offers a fascinating insight into the reconciliation and resilience that played such a key role in the development of a new South Africa.

There are few places in South Africa that bear the weight and sheer historical importance of Robben Island, and a trip to the former prison serves as a jarring reminder of country’s troubled political past.

Take a ferry to Robben Island and enjoy spectacular views of the city and if you are lucky, you may be greeted by dolphins, seals or penguins.

Here are the top 10 highlights that you can expect when visiting Robben Island:

Start your journey at the Nelson Mandela Gateway at the V & A Waterfront:

If you are lucky, you may spot a dolphin or two frolicking in the water from the ferry (this is season dependent):

Keep your eye out for dolphins when you hop on the ferry to @robben_island! #CTBig7 #RobbenIsland

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Enjoy gorgeous views of Cape Town from the ferry:

Enjoy fantastic views of the city from the @robben_island ferry! #CTBig7 #TravelTuesday

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Visit Nelson Mandela’s prison cell, and tour the maximum security prison with an ex-Robben Island prisoner:

Tour the Robben Island surrounds in a guided bus tour

Keep your eye out for the Robben Island lighthouse, which was built in 1864 by Joseph Flack:

 Don’t miss a chance to view the Kramat while on the bus tour. The Kramat is a Muslim shrine to the West of the maximum security prison, and it signifies the relationship between Islam and Robben Island:

The famous mosque situated on #RobbenIsland. #capetown #capetownbig6

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Robben Island used to be an important military base during WWII, and many relics still remain on the island:

Keep an eye out for African Penguins:

Take a selfie at the iconic Robben Island Blue Frame:

Share your favourite Robben Island memories with us!

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