Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden will allow all learners up to Matric FREE entry to Kirstenbosch on Mondays to Fridays from 22 October to 15 December 2020. 

A group of doctors advising schools in the Peninsula on how best to prevent and manage Covid-19 in the school setting, sent out a letter on 13 October with advice on how to keep the Matric learners safe for their exams. The letter recommends limiting socialising outside the school and meeting a few friends in an open space such as Kirstenbosch, or other open spaces in our beautiful city. In response to this letter, Kirstenbosch would like to contribute to keeping Cape Town’s Matrics safe by offering free entry for all learners on weekdays from 22 October to 15 December. Learners can simply ask for free entry at the Kirstenbosch Ticket Office upon arrival and a free entry ticket will be issued. 

Plan your Kirstenbosch Adventure 

Whether you want to walk in the fresh air, chill with a picnic, enjoy a latte or perhaps take on an adventure, why not make Kirstenbosch your first choice? Kirstenbosch recommends that learners charge their phones, arrive early, and enjoy any of these energising activities.

If exploring on your own is your thing, simply get a map at the Ticket Office and go your own way. Choose the Garden Guide if you are going to explore the Garden, and the Walks and Trails Map if you plan to venture into the wild side of Kirstenbosch. To begin your adventure, start with the Conservatory – a desert house with a majestic baobab tree in its centre, succulent treasures and weird welwitschias, also known as tweeblaarkanniedood. Then take a walk on the tree tops on the Tree Canopy Walkway (aka ‘The Boomslang‘) and be on the lookout for birds and dinosaurs (well, life-sized sculptures of them anyway!) lurking behind giant cycads in the Cycad Amphitheatre. Walking further up, along the Fynbos Walk, you’ll spot many different kinds of flowering proteas. Near Gate 2, you can see some healing plants in the Useful Plants Garden and appreciate the beauty of African art in the Sculpture Garden.

Get an insider’s view of Kirstenbosch and join a free, 90 minute guided walk in the Garden, Monday to Saturday at 10h00, starting from the Visitors’ Centre (Gate 1).

Take a walk on the wild side and tackle one of the trails through the Kirstenbosch Estate. There are five trails to choose from (read about them on the Walks and Trails Map available at the Ticket Office). All are well-maintained, logged footpaths or gravel roads and are sign-posted. The Braille Trail and Boekenhout Trail are ideal, easy, forest walks for those pressed for time and the not so fit. The Stinkwood Trail is a relatively short exploration of the oldest part of the forest with some of the largest trees. The Yellowwood Trail and Silvertree Trail are long, strenuous hikes that take you up to the waterfall and around the estate, through both indigenous forest and fynbos. It is possible to climb Table Mountain from Kirstenbosch, up Nursery Ravine or Skeleton Gorge. Please follow the safety guidelines when walking or hiking on the mountain, it has many sheer cliffs and steep gorges and the weather can be unpredictable; never walk alone; be prepared for hot and cold weather, start early and take plenty of water.

Enjoy a sit-down meal or a take-away, Kirstenbosch offers three restaurants, each in a different location and with a distinctive and tasteful menu. There is Moyo, with its African charm and cuisine; the Kirstenbosch Tea Room with its relaxed, friendly atmosphere; and Vida e Caffè for high quality coffee, healthy smoothies, teatime treats and light meals.

Exercising in Kirstenbosch 

Exercise, especially in the outdoors, is recommended by doctors to reduce stress levels and Kirstenbosch is a perfect place for this! Take a brisk walk along our beautiful paths, or venture out further onto one of our hiking trails. 

When you are ready for the next level in fitness, sign up for a fun, fantastic workout in the Garden, every morning from 05h45 to 06h45. Inside Out Fitness runs an outdoor exercise programme in Kirstenbosch, for ladies and girls 15 years and older – great for both physical and mental health! 

In order to keep visitors and staff safe, SANBI is reminding visitors to please wear their masks at all times, unless seated away from other visitors or eating. The wearing of masks is vital at the more congested areas of the Garden, including entrances/exits, shops, ablution facilities and pathways. Please abide by all the garden rules and bylaws and kindly cooperate with our security and tourism staff, as their main concern is your safety and the care and maintenance of our beautiful Kirstenbosch.

Ticket Details

Kirstenbosch is open every day, from 08h00-19h00 in summer.

  • Garden entrance fees for adults are R75;
  • SA Senior Citizens (with ID): Free on Tuesdays except on public holidays;
  • RSA Students (with student card): R40;
  • Learners (0 – up until Matric): FREE on Mondays to Fridays from 22 October to 15 December 2020.

Garden entry tickets can be purchased at the ticket office or you can book and pay tickets online at Webtickets.

For more information contact Kirstenbosch on 021 799 8783.


Top 10 things to do at Kirstenbosch

Here are the top 10 things to do when visiting Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

1. Have breakfast at the Kirstenbosch Tea Room
2. Walk and enjoy the view from the Tree Canopy Walkway ‘The Boomslang‘
3. Seek out a waterfall
4. Have lunch at Moyo
5. Visit The Conservatory – a desert house with a majestic baobab tree in its centre
6. Stock up on plants at the Kirstenbosch Garden Centre
7. Take home some botanical themed souvenirs from the Gift Shop
8. Enjoy some outdoor art
9. Fill up your library at the Botsoc Bookshop
10. Hike Table Mountain