Join us as we embark on an awe-inspiring journey to one of Cape Town’s most iconic landmarks, the Table Mountain Cableway

Explore Table Mountain

2023 –

This experience isn’t just a ride; it’s an ascent into a world of breathtaking views and unique experiences.

A Gentle Ascent to Majestic Views

The journey begins with a smooth and scenic cable car ride, ascending gently to the summit of Table Mountain. In just five minutes, you’ll find yourself 1,067 metres or 3,563 feet above the city, surrounded by panoramic views that stretch across the horizon.

The state-of-the-art cable car, with its rotating floor, ensures an unobstructed view of Cape Town’s stunning landscape, making every moment of the ascent a memorable one.

A Haven for Nature Enthusiasts

Atop the mountain, you’re not just at a high point of the city, but at a vantage point to observe diverse wildlife and flora.

2km of pathways lead visitors to many vantage points to enjoy the views and tranquillity. Parts of the pathway are wheelchair accessible.

Keep an eye out for dassies (rock hyrax), lizards, butterflies, and a variety of birds, all thriving amidst the indigenous fynbos. It’s a rare opportunity to see such a vibrant ecosystem up close, adding an element of natural wonder to your visit.

Dining Above the Clouds

After soaking in the views and the natural beauty, satisfy your hunger TEN67 Eatery. This casual dining spot offers a delightful array of food and drinks, including local South African cuisine. With options ranging from hearty breakfast dishes to sumptuous lunch items, and even vegetarian and gluten-free choices, there’s something to please every palate.

The restaurant’s indoor and outdoor seating areas provide stunning views of Cape Town and its surrounds, allowing you to dine amidst the beauty of the mountain. And for those who prefer a quick snack or a souvenir, there’s a small shop adjacent to the restaurant.

A Complete Table Mountain Experience

The Table Mountain Cableway experience doesn’t end with the views and the dining. Make sure to take advantage of the free guided walking tours and the audio tours to learn more about this majestic natural wonder. There is also a cocktail bar called KLOUD bar located below TEN67 Eatery, on the Twelve Apostles Terrace, where you can enjoy cocktails while watching the sun set, as well as a wine bar, VIEWS, located in the Top Station building, which offers wine tasting.

96% of the retail items at the Shop at the Top and other retail outlets are sourced locally. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, culinary delights, or some retail therapy, Table Mountain Cableway offers an unparalleled experience.

Join the Adventure

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