Experience the treasures that Cape Town’s most celebrated attractions have to offer in 2024!

Cape Town’s Sizzling Summer Days

2024 As the sun bathes Cape Town in its glorious summer glow, there’s an irresistible call to escape the ordinary and embark on an adventure of a lifetime. And where better to answer that call than the Cape Town Big 6 attractions? These iconic destinations are set and ready to welcome visitors and locals alike to indulge in the thrilling essence of the Mother City. 

Cape Point

At Cape Point, let the crashing waves and untamed beauty of the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean collide in a spectacular showcase of nature’s supremacy. Take a scenic drive along the Cape Peninsula, revelling in the stunning coastal views. Explore the hiking trails that wind through the fynbos-clad landscapes, offering a chance to encounter indigenous wildlife and soak in the refreshing ocean breeze. Standing at the lighthouse perched atop dramatic cliffs, you’ll feel like you’re perched on the edge of the world.

Groot Constantia

Indulge in the delights of South Africa’s oldest wine-producing farm, Groot Constantia. With its rich history dating back to 1685, this vineyard offers a journey into the world of fine wines and refined tastes. Experience the estate with a guided tour through the cellars, where the art of winemaking comes to life. Sample award-winning wines and savour the flavours that only the Cape’s terroir can create. Make sure to pair your wine tasting with a visit to their famous restaurants, where delectable cuisine and stunning vineyard views come together in perfect harmony.

Cape Town Big 6 Groot Constantia

Cape Town Big 6 Groot Constantia

Table Mountain Cableway

Table Mountain Cableway, the majestic pinnacle that stands guard over the city, calls out to the daredevils and nature lovers alike. Take a ride on the Table Mountain Cableway and prepare to be awe-struck by breathtaking 360-degree panoramic views of the Cape Peninsula and the Atlantic Seaboard. Don’t forget to explore Table Mountain’s hiking trails that offer a chance to get up close and personal with its remarkable fauna and flora.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Escape to the natural haven of Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, where a world of botanical beauty and tranquil serenity awaits. As the warmer months take hold, the garden transforms into a tapestry of colour. Stroll through the enchanting pathways, surrounded by indigenous flora and lively displays. Pack a picnic, spread out a blanket, and soak up the sunshine as you revel in the symphony of nature. Keep an eye out for their much-anticipated Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts, which feature live performances against the backdrop of the stunning gardens.

V&A Waterfront

The V&A Waterfront, a bustling hub of entertainment, shopping, and dining, is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the vibrancy of Cape Town. Explore the destination with a leisurely walk along the marina, where you can soak in the views of the ocean and marvel at the majestic Table Mountain in the distance. Indulge in a shopping spree at the multitude of high-end boutiques and local artisanal stores, and refuel at the diverse range of restaurants, cafes, and bars offering culinary delights from around the world. The V&A Waterfront truly has something for everyone!

Robben Island Museum

Experience a journey through history with a visit to The Robben Island Museum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that holds the stories of struggle and triumph. Take a guided tour and listen to the firsthand accounts of former political prisoners, offering a poignant insight into South Africa’s past. Robben Island is a testament to resilience and the power of hope, and a visit here is a truly humbling experience.

As we transition into the new year, the Cape Town Big 6 attractions are all set to exhibit the very best of this remarkable city. So, celebrate the vibrant essence of Cape Town by escaping the ordinary, exploring the extraordinary, and letting every moment be an unforgettable experience.

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There is no one way to explore all of the Cape Town Big 6, and much of what makes each of them so special is the variety of things to see and do at each. So if possible, take your time to explore each of the city’s most visited tourist attractions in as much depth as possible – as any local will tell you, you can spend a lifetime at each of the Big 6 and still not tire of them. Find the 3 and 4 day itineraries and tips here.

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