In the news: The V&A Waterfront’s Silo District is now home to a yellow Table Mountain New7Wonders (N7W) frame, the seventh in a series introduced across the city to celebrate Table Mountain being named a New7Wonder of Nature in 2011.


Designed by local artist Porky Hefer, the 2.8m-tall by 4m-wide yellow frame provides Capetonians and visitors with a postcard-perfect vantage point to capture the mountain as a backdrop with friends and family.

“We’re excited to see a seventh frame installed in the V&A Waterfront’s highly anticipated Silo District, celebrating a brand-new, eye-catching perspective of the mountain,” said Cableway marketing director Collette van Aswegen.

“The popularity of the existing frames is testimony to the fact that enjoying Table Mountain’s iconic beauty is not isolated to the magnificent view from the top. It’s also fantastic that the frames have become mini-attractions, encouraging people to explore areas of Cape Town that they may not have otherwise visited.

‘’Not only is Table Mountain unique from a geographical perspective, but the views from different vantage points are equally distinctive,” said V&A Waterfront chief executive officer David Green. “The development of the Silo District, and specifically the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa within the district, will give visitors to the V&A Waterfront the opportunity to view Table Mountain from an entirely new angle, and we are confident that the frame will enhance the experience in a fun and memorable way.’’

The other six frames have recently undergone refurbishment and are located at Signal Hill, the V&A Waterfront, Eden on the Bay (Blouberg), Cape Town railway station, Harrington Square and Lookout Hill (Khayelitsha).