To visit Cape Point is a dramatic and dazzling nature experience and a must-visit for locals and tourists alike. Cape Town is never short of spectacular scenery, but to not experience the panoramic views of the ocean, rugged rocks and sheer cliffs offered by Cape Point, would be an incredibly missed opportunity.

With countless beaches, riveting maritime history and an abundance of unique wildlife, you’ll have so much to see and so much to do.

Visit Cape Point

Visit Cape Point in South Africa

Walk the shipwreck trails

Before it was known as the Cape of Good Hope, this area of the Cape Peninsula was originally given the title of the Cape of Storms. A name that aptly described one of the most notably dangerous coastlines in the world, known for its terrible weather and violent storms.

Remains of shipwrecks are still scattered across the Cape coast from west to east for curious eyes to see. Cape Point visitors can take a stroll through the shipwreck trails and view some of the 26 recorded shipwrecks littered around the location.

From Olifantsbos Point you are able to spot the site of four wrecks, dating as far back as 1911.

From the parking area you can choose to walk down to the beach, or along Kleinkommetjie Ridge to Die Hoek van Bobbejan to view the remains of the Phyllisia, wrecked in 1968. The latter route offers visitors a stunning view of the bay and the beach.

Or make your way to through the rough and rocky terrain of Cape Point to the site where the legendary ghost ship, the Flying Dutchman, has been sighted.

Image captured by Juanita Abrahams

When you visit Cape Point, take a ride on the Flying Dutchman Funicular

Otherwise known as the Cape Point Funicular, the Flying Dutchman is a funicular railway. The first, and only, commercial funicular of its kind on the entire continent.

Your journey begins at the lower station of the Cape Point car park, up an incline through the dense fynbos to the viewing point below the old lighthouse. Once there, take the time to soak up the moment, look around and appreciate the swirling Atlantic Ocean, the sprawling greenery and the beauty of the 150 year old lighthouse.

The funicular leaves from the lower station every three minutes, so if you miss one you won’t have to wait long for the next.

Tickers for the Flying Dutchman are available online, both one way and return. South African pensioners get special funicular rates, just make sure to present your ID at arrival. All little ones uder the age of 6, get to ride free.

Explore the fauna and flora

Cape Point is home to a rich biodiversity and there is so much of it for visitors to see.

Take a nature walk through the reserve and spot more than 1100 indigenous plant species that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Make sure to keep an eye for the 250 bird species that can be seen within the area. If you’re visiting between June and October, try and catch sight of the massive whales moving past Cape Point during their annual migration.

To help you explore the location a little better, download the free Cape Point Audio Tour before your visit. It’s a fun, informative way to experience this beautiful site.

Some things to remember

South Africans qualify for discounted entry rates. All you have to do is bring your ID, present it at arrival and you’re set.

Be mindful of the surrounding wildlife: ignore any baboons that may cross your path and do not feed them! Do not pick any plants or do anything else that may cause damage to the indigenous flora or fauna. Lastly, be sure to leave the park in the same condition you found it in.

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