Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of this #CTBig6 beauty. From Thursday 5 March to Sunday 29 March, members of the public will be able to see this iconic Cape Town Big 6 member like never before.

He’s been the man behind the lens for 15 years, taking breathtaking photos of our Cableway annual maintenance since 2005 – now Gary Hirson will showcase never-seen-before photos of his incredible work at his Man, Machine and a Mountain photographic exhibition at the Youngblood gallery in Cape Town’s CBD  from Thursday 5 to Sunday 29 March 2020.

Hirson is excited to be hosting the exhibition. He says, “The images in this exhibition showcase man working with machine on a mountain and are some of the pictures I’ve taken since 2005 during the Cableway’s maintenance shutdown.

“During this time, cables are changed and cable cars refurbished. These are some of the only images available about this engineering feat that happens in a unique environment.”

The Cableway is gearing up for its  2020 annual maintenance and this year will be closed from Tuesday 7 July to Sunday 26 July. This is in order to maintain the high standards local and international tourists have come to expect of the attraction, so do consider these dates when planning your next visit.

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