Visit Groot Constantia this coming February, when Africa will celebrate the most significant event on its wine calendar: commemorating the wine industry’s birthday by celebrating the 364th South African grape wine harvest.

Raise your glass and join the SA Wine Harvest celebrations in February 2023

This coming February, South Africa will celebrate the most significant event on its wine calendar: commemorating the wine industry’s birthday by celebrating the 364th South African grape wine harvest.

On 2 February 1659, Jan van Riebeeck entered into his diary that, “Today, praise be to God, wine was made for the first time from Cape grapes.” The timeless words mark the birth of the wine industry in South Africa – an event still celebrated on that day each year when the business community, wine producers, social sippers, connoisseurs, restaurateurs, collectors and retail outlets countrywide celebrate the start of the country’s wine harvest celebrations.

The South African wine industry invites everyone to raise their glasses on 2 February 2023 in tribute to South Africa’s rich wine heritage.

The Wine Harvest Commemorative Event

The annual Wine Harvest Commemorative Event will be hosted at Groot Constantia Wine Estate in Cape Town on 2 February, during the wine industry’s birthday month. This is when the wine industry officially recognises individuals and organisations for their exceptional contribution in the categories of Visionary Leadership (with the 1659 Visionary Leadership Award), Growing Inclusivity, Wine Advancement, and Viticulture and Wine Creation.

Over the years, many greats have been honoured, such as Nelson Mandela, the Unsung Wine Workers, Ntsiki Biyela, Norma Ratcliffe, Beyers Truter, and Charles Back. And in 2022, Carmen Stevens, Denise Stubbs, Francois Viljoen and Christine Rudman were added to this group of outstanding leaders.


Toast our natural diversity

Protecting the country’s abundant biodiversity is a universal priority. South African wine producers big and small, from coast to coast, are keenly aware that they are guardians of the land upon which they ply their trade.

South Africa’s varied and much-loved natural floral kingdoms deserve appreciation, as 95% of its wine growing takes place in the unique habitat of the Cape Floral Kingdom. Maintaining a balance between nature and farming is essential and makes South Africa unique when it comes to wines of origin and wine-growing terroirs, which are the heart and soul of South Africa’s wine industry and eloquently express the extraordinary wealth of the country’s wines.

Get set to celebrate

Don’t miss out! Add Thursday 2 February 2023 to your diary, look out for SA wine birthday events across South Africa, and join in the celebration of South Africa’s lasting wine legacy throughout the month!

To join the celebration virtually, follow the link on 2 February 2023 and raise your glass of – and to – South African wine!

Share your special celebratory events of the SA Wine Birthday on social media with @sawineharvest using the hashtag #HappyBirthdaySAwine.

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