Rushing from one attraction to the next, take a selfie, maybe buy a souvenir and sigh with relief… another thing ticked off the bucket list. No, that is so last year. 2020 is the year for slowing down, disconnecting and being in the moment. 

Reality check. If it’s not in an Insta Story, it still happened. Your Insta story is gone in 24 hours, forgotten in 6 seconds, and the same story has probably been done by millions of other people. 

In 2020 we strive to live our own unique experiences, not duplicate everyone else’s for the gram. 

We find the confidence to do what we like, not do what will get likes. 

Explore the #CTBig6 the 2020 way

We believe that visitors should triple the amount of time spent at the #CTBig6 attractions, and this is why. 

Table Mountain Cableway 

A queue, a cable car ride, a brisk walk to the terrace, a search for a selfie spot, click, and back to queue to go down. Ticked off and posted. 

But if you stayed for 2 or 3 hours you will be amazed. 

Walk away from the buildings on onto the paths. Notice the fynbos, delicate flowers, magnificent proteas just growing there in the wild and being all gorgeous and very photogenic. 

Wander off the path, find a rock to sit on and really look at the views. Gaze out to sea, identify Cape Town landmarks, watch the cloud formations and breathe in the mountain air. As you walk further you will find incredible views and photo opportunities that have not been replicated on social media a gazillion times. 

Wander back and visit the restaurant or Wi-Fi Lounge for a drink or a meal, the views are free. 

Take a free guided tour or enjoy the audio tour that you can download onto your phone. You will be amazed at what you can learn. 

Visit the curio shop and have a proper browse, the amazing merchandise there is 95% local. Take time to choose something that gives you value for your money and resonates with your experience. 

Being in nature is good for us, so do it properly, move away from the crowds and immerse yourself. 


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Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Maybe you have been there for the amazing Summer Sunset Concerts, or had a quick visit, got a photo of yourself on the Canopy Walkway then wandered to the restaurant for lunch. 

Slow down, get the map from the ticket office or download it online and see how much there is to explore. A little path right at the top of the garden leads to a dam with magnificent views and abundant birdlife. If you sit quietly in the narrow path shaded by trees at the Tangled Tree you will probably spot the pure white squirrel who hangs out there. 

Another smaller path leads to a secluded bench overlooking a pond filled with lilies, insects and interesting fungus. A charming little wooden bride gets you to the other side. 

Find the two streams that run through the garden, they make very peaceful places to sit and admire the mountain views. 

Explore the Fragrance Garden, do the Fynbos Walk, take a free guided tour, visit the Conservatory. 

Picnic on the lawns, visit one of the tea rooms, restaurants or coffee shops, browse the artwork on display in one of the buildings near the top gate. Buy something memorable in the recently revamped shop and the bottom entrance. 


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Cape Point

There is much more to it than the Funicular ride and climb to the lighthouse at the top, followed by a quick meal and photos from the car park. It is one point with 1 million points of view. 

Walk the path down to the beach, then do a self-drive and enjoy the peace and quiet. There are tidal pools and pristine beaches, sand dunes, wetlands and remote picnic spots with ocean and mountain views to die for. 

There are shipwrecks and monuments to be found, zebra, ostrich and antelope to spot. There are walking trails with intriguing names to explore, The Lighthouse Keepers Walk or the Trail to the Cape of Good Hope. This is a nature reserve, explore it. There are so many more magical photos to be taken apart from the obvious one. Get creative. 


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Groot Constantia

A delicious wine tasting and maybe a selfie in front of the iconic giant barrel or avenue leading to the historic manor house. #wine. Oh so 2019. 

Buy a Visitors Route Ticket, you get a wine tasting and a stunning Groot Constantia glass to take home but take your time. The Manor House is a museum that depicts the lifestyle of the folks who lived here hundreds of years ago. They were the influencers of the day and Groot Constantia was the place to be.  The Cloete Cellar has a fascinating history of Grand Constance, a sweet wine that is world famous and dates back hundreds of years, now reproduced to almost the same recipe and totally delectable. 

An oak lined avenue leads you up to brilliant views and an old bath / pool, the perfect place to meditate, do some yoga or just chill. 

Audio walks lead you through the vineyards and are both entertaining and informative.  Chocolate and wine pairing will blow your mind. Cellar tours to a modern production area or an historic relic offer fascinating facts. At the tasting room at the entrance there is art to be admired and of course wine to taste and buy. 

A drink or a meal under the trees at Jonkershuis, explore the grounds and find the 300 year old tree that is completely hollow. Chat to the staff about their conservation initiatives and ask as many questions as you like about wine making, they have all the answers. 


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The V&A Waterfront

The V&A is the multi-purpose space that sets the standard for all other multi-purpose spaces. 

Why visit just to shop or eat, adventure or party, when you can do it all and more. 

Turn grocery or gift shopping into an all day extravaganza. Do the shopping, stick it in the car and then have some fun. There are over 50 attractions to choose from, helicopter flips, ocean or dock and canal cruises, the Cape Wheel, 2 Oceans Aquarium, SUP, ZeitzMOCAA, art galleries, museums, diamond tours or even a trip to Robben Island. 

Take a break for lunch or a snack at one of the 80 eateries, then recharged, keep going. There are 9 incredible districts to explore each offering a mix of old and new architecture, shopping, markets, workspaces, play spaces, chill spaces and historic plaques with interesting info. Watch the seals, the boat, the ships and the swing bridge. Put your feet up and have a cold beer and do some people watching. Stroll along the breakwater for some sea air, and finally find a spot for supper or a venue to party the night away. The V&A Waterfront really should not be rushed. 


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Robben Island Museum

We know you want a photo of yourself in Mandela’s cell, but seriously, there is more to Robben Island. 

This tour has a set timetable and ferry times but make the most of it. Be fully engaged in every minute of the experience. Admire the view of Table Mountain as you cruise on the ferry towards the island. On the bus tour be alert and look at the buildings, the Kramat, the tiny church, small animals’ shipwrecks, mansions and lighthouse, take in every detail.

 Be in the moment and aware of the smells, and sounds too, feel the warm air on your skin, look back at the city and imagine being a prisoner there. You can see the city where your family is and where normal life seems close enough to reach out and touch, but it is unattainable. Stand quietly in the cells and allow your mind to take in this harsh reality. Be open to everything on the island, not just the Mandela experience. 

Use your imagination to empathize with the lepers, nurses and doctors, soldiers, sailors, slaves and all who spent time on this tiny island. 


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So next time you plan to visit one of our #CTBig6 attractions, please schedule as much time as you can.

Explore slowly, find awesomeness and share your unique views, moments and hidden delights with us.