Cape Point remains one of South African’s key tourist attractions, one loved by locals just as much and with good reason! For many city dwellers, adventure-filled escapes are always on the cards and Cape Point provides that freedom to explore and discover the beauty of nature, with its scenic hiking trails, far extending breathtaking views and diverse range of activities.

And no two visits to Cape Point are ever quite the same! With so much to see and do, planning ahead is key and we guarantee you’ll soon be back again to experience more next time.

Plan your day to this historical heritage site 

Although a spontaneous trip around the Cape Peninsula is never a bad idea, to ensure your day at Cape Point is truly magical, arrive as early as possible and even pack in a few snacks for the trip – trust us, you’re going to need it! Alternatively, pop by the on-site café once you’ve entered and you’ll be good to go.

Remember to:
Wear comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots (be prepared for lots of walking!) apply SPF regularly and always have a jacket on hand. After all, when you’re in Cape Town it’s perfectly normal to experience all four seasons in one day.

It’s also quite rare that you’ll experience no stir in the air as Cape Point is one of the windiest places in South Africa, and the gushes of wind are often crispy cool so you can never be too prepared.

Image captured by Juanita Abrahams

Unfortunately, entry tickets cannot be purchased online just yet but the process upon arrival is swift and easy, so no stress! South Africans also qualify for a reduced entry fee – just show off your ID or driver’s licence to enjoy this added perk. As if you needed any more reason to visit this Cape Town Big 6 attraction.

“Arriving at Cape Point is easily met with excitement and anticipation to get in and start exploring, but don’t be too alarmed when you’re still driving for another 15 minutes before actually reaching the parking area. Enjoy the scenic drive through the National Park, taking in the sights of the fauna and flora, and perhaps you’ll even see some wildlife.” – Juanita Abrahams

We’re going all the way up! 

One of the great things about Cape Point is that you get to experience it your way! So whether you’re up for climbing its hills or prefer a fuss-free method of travelling to the top, the choice is yours. Either way you’ll get to enjoy all the sights on offer.

The Flying Dutchman Funicular is a one of a kind in Africa, and in just 3 minutes whisks visitors to the viewing point, before the old lighthouse. But those 3 minutes are filled with the beauty of dense fynbos, ocean views and exhilaration. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the funicular only takes up to 10 individuals per trip.

“Personally, I’d say everyone should experience the famous Flying Dutchman Funicular at least once.” – Juanita Abrahams

Luckily, one way and return tickets are available online, helping you skip the queue and giving you more time to be in awe of the incredible views.

Once at the top, say hi to the old lighthouse, and stop to take it all in (remember to blink!) – it’s a view like no other as the ocean extends far beyond what we can even see, and the mountain and ocean meet to create a perfect union of splendid beauty that can’t adequately be described.

Image captured by Juanita Abrahams

And that’s not even half of it! 

Discover more of Cape Point with the free VoiceMap app and allow it to guide you throughout the day. The GPS audio tour allows you to explore at your own pace, and provides an educational experience too as you reach various locations along the route.

Don’t rush the experience and definitely plan to spend 4 to 8 hours navigating your way around:

  • Take as many photos as you can (you can never have too many anyway!)
  • Visit the curio shop for a few take home mementos
  • Walk the shipwreck trail or
  • Make your way to the popular Diaz beach
  • Plan for a picnic or a braai day
  • And definitely stop to rest at one of the outlook spots
Please note:
Lighthouse 5 – the Gift Store at the top funicular station – will be closed until 31 July 2021.
The main Gift Store at the parking lot (Out of Africa) will still be trading Saturdays and Sundays only.

Buffelsfontein Visitors Centre

Image captured by Juanita Abrahams

Before heading out of the park, add in a quick stop at Buffelsfontein Visitors Centre. The building is filled with unique and interesting artefacts, providing insights into the natural wealth the area possesses.

This environmental resource centre has drawers filled with insects, animal remains and mounts.

Also, remember…

  • Do not feed the baboons and definitely do not tease them in any way
  • Leave this national park better than you found it by not interfering with any wildlife or trying to remove them from their homes
  • Don’t pick any of the fauna and flora
  • And just take a moment to relax and exhale.

Image captured by Juanita Abrahams

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There is no one way to explore all of the Cape Town Big 6, and much of what makes each of them so special is the variety of things to see and do at each. So if possible, take your time to explore each of the city’s most visited tourist attractions in as much depth as possible – as any local will tell you, you can spend a lifetime at each of the Big 6 and still not tire of them. Find the 3 and 4 day itineraries and tips here.