Cape Point is running a fabulous Winter Special where 2 kids, aged 6 – 16, ride the funicular for free with every paying adult. This special was just too good to pass up, and on Friday we took a drive to the Table Mountain National Park for a day out in nature. It was a cold, wintery day and we bundled up with jackets and hats to keep ourselves warm.

The Table Mountain National Park is incredibly beautiful, with fynbos as far as the eye can see and we stopped a few times to take some photographs of the scenery.


My 5 year old son was beside himself as I explained to him that the Flying Dutchman Funicular is like a mini rollercoaster that will take us all the way up to the lighthouse.

Once we got to the top, the Flying Dutchman was waiting for us and I took a quick peek at the Two Oceans Restaurant – we were going to have lunch there after our adventure. They too are running a special on their kids meals. But it was a very quick peek, my sons were just too excited to be going on the Funicular.Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-14Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-19 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-22 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-24

We bought the tickets and made our way into the Flying Dutchman and my sons took their spots close to a window so that they couldn’t miss a thing. The ride up was quick and fun and there was much excitement as we passed the second Funicular at the mid-way point.

Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-25 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-27 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-60

Once at the top there were some stairs that lead you to the lighthouse. My children, aged 2 and 5 made it to the top without any help, although I was a little out of breath – but the scenery makes it all worth it. We spent some time at the top looking at the ocean trying to spot some whales, taking photographs and explaining lighthouses and their purpose to the kids.

Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-31 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-32 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-48 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-54

Before making our way down the the restaurant we popped in at the Cape Point Logo Store to pick up a fridge magnet (I like to collect fridge magnets from all the places I visit) and we bought a few extra things including: Cape Point Key Chains, T-shirts for the kids and a gorgeous book about penguins for the kids. They are also running a special where if you spend more that R400 you will receive a free placemat and coaster set valued at R75! You can also view interesting artefacts from seashells to lighthouse bulbs in the foyer just before the shop.

Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-71 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-72 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-73 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-74 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-75 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-76 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-77 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-79 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-80

Lunch at the Two Oceans Restaurant was nothing short of spectacular. Throw in that incredible view and you are bound to have a memorable meal. We started off with fresh oysters, mains were soft-shell crab and the line-fish and ended off with a decadent chocolate dessert that was almost too pretty to eat. Almost. We ordered the kids ribs and chicken meals, which they wolfed down in no time.

Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-86 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-87 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-90 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-91 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-92 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-93 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-94 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-95 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-96 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-97 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-98 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-99 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-100 Cape-Town-Big-7-Cape-Point-101

There is so much to do at Cape Point, that the attraction warrants numerous visits. I wish we had had better weather as I would have loved to have taken a walk on the beach. But that just means that there is another visit in our future!

On our way out we were reminded that the area is rich in wildlife when we came across an ostrich standing in the road, looking into a van. Was he trying to get a lift? Was he just curious? The tourists in the van definitely got a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity!


Here are some more things one can do at Cape Point:

Cape Point Winter Specials

Winter Promo

From 1 June until 31 July – 2 x kids (aged 6-16) ride the funicular for free per paying adult. (Kids under 6 always ride free with accompanying adults).

Two Oceans Restaurant Kids Meals

One free kids meal per main adult meal ordered at the Two Oceans Restaurant (no take-aways). Kids must be present on site and the words “Kids Meal deal” must be said when ordering the food to claim the free meal.

Cape Point Logo Store Promo

Spend R400 or more at the Cape Point Logo store (adjacent to the parking area), and Lighthouse 5 (top funicular station) and get a free placemat and coaster set valued at R75.00.

Promotion dates: 1 June until 31 July | Time: 07:00 – 17:00 | Venue: Cape Point | Cost: R58 for an adult return ticket on the Flying Dutchman Funicular

The My Green Card (exclusive to residents of Cape Town) provides the holder with 12 free entries into any of the Table Mountain National Park’s pay points.

Visitor centre: +27 21 7809010

What are your favourite things to do at Cape Point?

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