In the news: In 2000, Robben Island Museum in partnership with the Department of Home Affairs, held its first mass weddings on Valentine’s Day – the 14 February. It has been an annual tradition ever since.

This year, 2018, marks the 18th year that Robben Island Museum will be co-hosting the weddings.

This year, we have 12 couples that will be getting married.  Only 4 of the 12 couples are not from the Western Cape.

Robben Island Museum’s Events Unit arranges all the logistics for the event and the Department of Home Affairs checks that all the couples legal paperwork is in order and officiates the marriages.

The 12 couples will be married in the Garrison Church on Robben Island followed by a reception in the John Craig Hall.  The couples and their guests will thereafter be taken on a guided tour of Robben Island.

The Minister of Home Affairs, Ms. Ayanda Dlodlo will be the guest speaker at the event.

Couples wanting to book for 2019, can book from September 2018 with Events Manager, Rabia Damon on Cell: 083 647 9924 and

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