Letishia Charles Capetonian blogger, shares her experience of the V&A Waterfront: It has so much to offer, so when I am stuck for ideas on where to take the kid and her friends when all games have been played and the “Mom, we’re bored!” sets in… The V&A Waterfront is one of our first choices!


We could never really tire of visiting the Two Oceans Aquarium. And now that we are official members (thanks to Cape Town Big 6) we have decided to take full advantage of our membership benefits! So, we will be skipping the queues and visiting 365 days of the year. Well, we could if we wanted to…

The girls had all been before but when they are here, it is as if they are seeing everything for the first time. It is an absolutely beautiful thing to behold and makes this mom’s heart very happy. And of course, we cannot skip a thing – they know exactly where everything is and there is no way I can trick them. From the Moon Jellies and Anemones to the Predators slowly eyeing you from the other side of a (thankfully) thick glass wall, their eyes are wide with wonder.

The Touch Pool is another highlight where the kids can pick up, touch and feel a variety of marine animals and plants. This is a supervised area, of course.

V & A Waterfront V & A Waterfront V & A Waterfront V & A Waterfront V & A Waterfront

Two Oceans Aquarium has also just introduced THE OCEAN EXPERIENCE this year, which I have no doubt we will be doing as soon as possible. It is a unique opportunity to get a lot closer to the animals of the I&J Ocean Exhibit. See more information on their website here: www.aquarium.co.za/ocean-experiences


After our visit to the aquarium, we are always sure to take a leisurely stroll through Nobel Square. The statues erected here pay tribute to four South African Nobel Peace Prize laureates. The late Nkosi Albert Luthuli, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, former State President F. W. de Klerk and former President Nelson Mandela. The all played a part in the road to democracy.

Here you can also enjoy the sounds of the buskers who often entertain the crowds passing through the square or enjoying a meal at the surrounding restaurants and the Waterfront Food Market.

It is also here that we were stopped dead in our tracks by the pop-up mobile dog adoption initiative called Oscars Arc WOOF Project. Not a fixed attraction at the V&A Waterfront, they switch between various locations around the Mother City to encourage people to connect with these shelter pups and hopefully find their forever homes. The girls insisted on stopping to pet the adorable dogs, mind you, it didn’t take much for me to give in either! One can also take them for a short walk around the square to connect with them… which, of course, we did too!

V & A Waterfront V & A Waterfront


As the girls are not keen window-shoppers, we tend to explore round the main mall. There is always lots to see… From people-watching to watching the boats leave the harbour, the seals lazing in the sun, browsing through the art just outside the African Trading Port or listening to the various artists at the main amphitheatre.

V & A Waterfront V & A Waterfront V & A Waterfront V & A Waterfront


So, although we don’t get to do everything we’d like to do and with so much to offer at the V&A Waterfront, here are a few things we are planning for our next trip:

  • A ride on the Cape Wheel. This is a 40m observation wheel with air-conditioned and enclosed cabins with 360 views of the beautiful Cape Town.
  • Take the kids on a scenic helicopter ride.


  • If you love the Two Oceans Aquarium as much as we do, it is worth your while to sign up to their membership programme which gives you unlimited access to the aquarium AND you can avoid the queues too! SCORE! Various pricing: www.aquarium.co.za/membership
  • For a variety of choices for things to eat at the V&A Waterfront, especially with fussy kids, pop in at the Waterfront Food Market. You’ll be sure to find something for everyone.
  • For a list of THINGS TO DO AT THE WATERFRONT, have a look at the calendar here: www.waterfront.co.za/events/calendar
  • There are SO many things to do here, just have a look at this link: www.waterfront.co.za/activities/so-much-to-do

Share your favourite V & A Waterfront memories with us!

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