Food is one of the best ways to bring people together and Makers Landing has taken that concept to another level. Not only is Makers a celebration of local food and tastes, it has a four-pronged approach making this venue a game changer as well as a wonderful place for visitors.

South Africa at its tasty & creative best

At first glance, it looks like a very appealing artisanal food court, which in itself is really cool. Closer inspection reveals the true genius of this space.

Makers Landing consists of small-scale food producers, artisanal food makers and industry experts, using local produce to offer the most authentic South African flavours. Serving up affordable prices, from more than 30 eatery pods, food-product shops, intimate restaurants, and makerspaces.

It is all about community, sharing, learning, teaching, experimenting, and growing, all for the greater good, and all while offering outstanding creative local fare to visitors.

The main visitor experience is aimed directly at the taste buds and the proudly South African heart. The Makers are all small scale, local producers passionate about their craft. The offerings are so varied, from craft beer, breads, spices and coffee, all lovely, but to be expected at a foodie spot, to slow cooked Zulu cuisine with a twist, Indikaap Ayurveda vegan dishes, praline and truffle chocolates, frikkadels, chicken wings in a gin marinade… you get the idea, this is South Africa at its tasty and creative best, all under one roof.

And in case you were wondering where to find the best koeksisters on a Sunday morning, we’ve found them at Fuzzy’s Koeksisters. Pair that with a good cup of artisanal coffee to start the day off just right!

Visitors can sample, order, eat, buy, and get inspired. Be entertained, educated or both, the experience is as much or as basic as you choose.

It is spacious and airy with many places to sit and enjoy your edible finds, the working harbour as the backdrop makes for an interesting outing with young kids.

Pop up activities, demonstrations and exhibitions are the norm, so repeat visits are most definitely required.

The Demo Kitchen is a foodies dream, and it hosts a full range of workshops or can be rented out for shoots or events.

The Makers Kitchen Incubator supports job creation, mentorship or just a leg up to the entrepreneurs of tomorrow by way of a comprehensive six-month programme to those who qualify.

Koesister VS Koeksister

The 100 Flavours exhibition at Makers Landing, V & A Waterfront, is just that – a presentation of 100 South African flavours. There are flavours that reflect the country’s past and its present. There are flavours that depict our regional and ethnic diversity. There are flavours derived from indigenous ingredients and there are others that originally came from somewhere else but have been made new in the South African space. There is posh nosh and poverty food. Healthy offerings and junk food. Our epicurean interactions with happiness, sadness, comfort and sex are all evaluated. The South African obsession with cooking over fire and the ways in which we dine with our deities are offered up in delicious detail.

The board next to this plate states “There are few food fights as fierce as those that pertain to the similarities and differences between the Cape Malay style Koesister and the afrikaner style Koeksister….”

Plan your Visit

Situated at the Cruise Terminal, this double story space is edgy, just like the people it hosts.
Trading Hours are Friday – Sunday 8am to 9pm, Makers operate at different times depending on their offering, so check with your favourites on their specific trading hours. (subject to change)
Loadshedding does not affect Makers Landing.
Some Makers only operate with snapscan, so ensure that you loaded it on your phone.
Free parking for the first 3 hours at the parking next to the Cruise Terminal.

Take the scenic route with the Free V&A shuttle

The free shuttle connects the V&A Waterfront with Makers Landing. View the Eco Bus shuttle routes or scan the QR code on the signboards for the latest schedule and routes.

Calling Foodie Entrepreneurs

What to grow your food business? The Makers Landing Incubator Program is a 4-month immersive incubation program for entrepreneurs who have a food business that has operated between 6 months and 3 years.

The Makers Landing Incubation Programme is an immersive accelerator course, empowering food entrepreneurs to take control and develop their businesses. This program combines in class learnings and use of our commercial kitchen, along with expert support and facilitation, to empower small-scale food entrepreneurs. Get all the details here.

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