From 1 September to 15 December, Table Mountain Cableway visitors will have even more time to enjoy the rousing views and create everlasting memories.

Table Mountain Cableway’s Summer Operating Times 

Adventure seekers! Are you ready to reach new heights?

2023 -With slightly warmer days just around the corner and Table Mountain Cableway’s extended operating hours, it’s the perfect time to plan a thrilling escapade to the top of Table Mountain. Soar above the clouds and embark on an incredible journey in Cape Town.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway

Soar To New Heights: Table Mountain Cableway’s Summer Operating Times

Table Mountain Cableway Extended Hours, Infinite Thrills!

From 1 September to 15 December, visitors will have even more time to enjoy the rousing views and create everlasting memories.

Summer Operating Hours:

First cable car up: 08h30

Last cable car up: 18h00

Last cable car down: 19h00

Whether you’re an early bird looking for a morning adventure or a night owl in search of a sunset spectacle, the Cableway will be there to whisk you away to the pinnacle of Cape Town’s natural wonder. Here are some things you can expect to experience during your visit:

  • Panoramic views: Table Mountain offers a unique vantage point from which to view the city and its surroundings. You’ll be able to take in the views of the Atlantic Ocean, Robben Island, Lion’s Head, and Signal Hill, among others.
  • Wildlife sightings: Table Mountain is home to a diverse range of fauna and flora, including dassies (rock hyraxes), lizards, and various bird species. Keep your eyes peeled for these creatures as you explore the mountain.
  • Hiking trails: For the more adventurous, Table Mountain offers a variety of hiking trails that cater to different fitness levels.
  • Dining options: Once you’ve worked up an appetite, you can grab a bite to eat at one of the Cableway’s eateries: Ten67 Eatery, Views by de Grendel, Kloud Bar at the Top Station or Tap Bar at the Lower Station.

Picnic Perfection: Enjoy al Fresco Delights

What’s better than savouring a scrumptious picnic while marvelling at the views stretched out beneath you? With the Cableway’s extended summer hours, you can bring along a delightful picnic or purchase snacks from the Ten67 Eatery and enjoy it against the backdrop of Cape Town’s most iconic landmark.

Ten67 Eatery Summer Hours:

Opens: 08h30

Closes: 18h30

Plan Your Trip Today!

The Cableway’s summer operating times promise endless fun and adventure. Bring your camera or smartphone to capture the awe-inspiring moments during your adventure atop Table Mountain. You’ll have ample opportunities to snap stunning photographs and create amazing social media posts – don’t forget to tag us and use #CapeTownBig6.

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